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Choosing the Perfect Sign

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Photo by Thiago Matos from Pexels

For many new and emerging companies, getting people to understand your purpose can tough. How can you help potential customers, followers and supporters to just 'get you' as soon as they walk through the door? The right kind of sign and wall art can be crucial.

Signs should be an essential component of a companies marketing strategy. A sign that contains your company's logo can help reinforce your brand. So assuming you're a successful venture who already knows your 'why', what's stopping you from promoting these values with some signs or wall art?!

Here are some examples of signs or wall art to consider when choosing the perfect sign or wall art to promote your company:


Getting your logo recognized is key. Depending on the design of your logo will determine the type of sign you choose to communicate most effectively.

This logo for The Arbutus Club was most successful as a deep etch into veneer faced ply. This style of sign works best for more intricate logos.

You can choose from a range of boards and reclaimed panels to best suit your brand.


Etching onto board can also be used to promote your 'why' and company values. This values art work was custom made for Stantec Architects and is a great example. Weathered reclaimed wood has a natural beauty that warms up a space and contrasts so well against a white or neutral wall. The text has been achieved using a combination of single-hatch and cross-hatch etch to highlight key words. This laser etch gives a 'sketchy' yet professional finish, enabling the text to stand out but not losing the subtle grain in the wood.


LED back lit signs are a great way of catching people's eye and drawing attention to your logo. This style of sign works best for logos that are bold and simple and can be interior or exterior.

This exterior storefront sign was custom made for non profit organisation Promise Vancouver. The bold graphic butterfly logo lends itself well to the LED back lit style. The light colours are even interchangeable and can be controlled by remote to achieve different mood effects.

Whatever sign or wall art you choose, be sure to promote your company brand with a sign from Made to Fly Design! I look forward to working together with you soon to create your very own piece of custom, reclaimed art work that will elevate your blank and empty office wall space to the next level… Please connect with me today at and check out my work. Thanks for reading!

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