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Dave Ives (he/him) Founded Made to Fly Design. He was born and raised in England and moved to Vancouver for an adventure with his family in 2014. Married with 2 amazing boys.

He is passionate about showcasing the natural beauty of weathered reclaimed wood, through designing custom signs, artwork and other products using the precision of the laser cutter. He loves to collaborate with other artists and companies to produce creative work that connects different cultures, builds bridges and helps others think about the history of the land they live on in BC.


Where possible locally sourced reclaimed materials are used and when extra hands are required, locals are used from the DTES who otherwise find getting meaningful work difficult. Made to Fly co-locates at 1245 Glen Drive with several other amazing organizations like Hives for Humanity, Victory Gardens, VREC & Woodshop coop...


Looking for a unique product to promote your brand? Let's collaborate! 


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