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Choosing Custom Wall Art for Offices

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Photo by Thiago Matos from Pexels

You’ve just moved into your new office space or you're giving your old place a face lift and you want something new and fresh on the walls... this is a must read for you!

An office with empty walls is like a blank canvas, just waiting for that masterpiece to be created. But when it comes to artwork, many of us can feel the pressure of over-doing or under-doing things... maybe you don't even know where to start.

Never fear, here are 3 handy guidelines to get you started along the road to choosing the perfect wall art for your office or work space:

1. LESS IS MORE - Keeping a tidy space can promote a calm mind. No one wants their working environment to be messy and cluttered, and that goes for your wall space too. So if you're having trouble choosing between a bunch of different art pieces, please don't just put them all up on the wall!

Repetition can be really effective but has also been pretty overdone in the past. Whatever you style, it's important to decide on a clear theme and then stick to it. The cluttered look can be quaint at home, but for an office space, If you have the room, try to frame each piece of work by giving it lots of wall space and let the work sing. Oh and avoid putting lots of furniture too close to your feature wall.

2. BIGGER IS BETTER - When it comes to making maximum impact, the size of your wall art can really help. Try to dedicate an entire wall in your office to some feature art work. This will create the greatest feeling of change in the space, giving it that 'wow factor' that will catch everyone's eye.

This values art work was custom made for Stantec Architects and is a great example as it has both the 'less is more' and 'bigger is better' feel. Weathered reclaimed wood is a less obvious material to put on a wall but it has a real natural beauty and soft effect.

3. ART CAN SPEAK - Words have the power to affect our overall sense of well being. Words can bring us down or give hope. The right quote at the right time can inspire us to persevere, dream bigger or take courage.

Company values displayed in the form of art work can act to unite vision and keep a team on the same page, pursuing the same purpose. We can all identify with a favorite quote or saying that resonates with how we aspire to live, so a personal quote or company value incorporated into a piece of custom wall art is a WINNING COMBO!

I started making wall art because I believe in the power of words to affect well being. I believe signs can speak. I believe in reclaiming and reviving old and broken materials in my products and I look forward to working together with you soon to create your very own piece of custom, reclaimed art work that will elevate your blank and empty office wall space to the next level… Please connect with me today at and check out my work. Thanks for reading!

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