Hi I’m Dave (he/him). Founder of Made to Fly Design. Born and bred in England. Moved to Vancouver with my family in 2014 and haven't looked back yet! Married and have 2 amazing boys.

I never considered myself as an entrepreneur, initially training as a high school counsellor, then a product design teacher. Long story short, a number of factors led to me feeling inspired to start Made to Fly Design!

I’m passionate about showcasing the natural beauty of weathered reclaimed wood, through designing custom signs, artwork and other products using the precision of the laser cutter. My vision is to grow a successful business that has a positive impact 1. on the environment; using locally sourced reclaimed materials and 2. on the local community; providing meaningful work to local 'at risk' groups.

It’s such a privilege to be able to collocate with great organizations like Hives for Humanity, Victory Gardens, Unbuilders, VREC & Woodshop coop. We're definitely better together!


If your looking for a unique sign, some custom wall art or a product to help integrate your brand, reach out by email or phone... I'd love to connect with you! 




1245 Glen Drive,


V6A 3M8,


Dave Ives

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Drifty Front.jpg.png

I wrote this to help capture the story that reclaimed materials have to tell & also to help children process the idea that beauty can still be found in broken situations. Please download it here. I really hope you enjoy it! 

Read about Drifty; the highs and the lows

of a branch who was uprooted far from his home.

It's a story of trial, trauma, transition...

...but also of hope, new purpose and vision.

No matter what season of life you are in,

This book's about finding the beauty within

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